July Horoscope

The night sky shines a bit brighter over Banderas Bay. Laura Gelezunas, Real Estate Agent at Boardwalk Realty is happy to share her guide to the tropical stars. Many believe these heavenly bodies are key to making the most of life in Mexico.

Taurus — Don’t let the heat get to you this month. You still need to learn to relate better with others, but now it’s more on the intimate and personal level. Take a few steps back and observe the exchange of ideas, innermost thoughts and personal beliefs. You are going to feel like blowing off vital correspondence and contacts, but try your best to keep connected. Many of your friends have left Puerto Vallarta for the summer so stay in touch.

Gemini — You are exposing yourself this month and have a tendency to act and reflect automatically. You could come across as an “open book” and people may take advantage of you. Get away from it all and do a bit of traveling. This is a great time to head to the mountains around Puerto Vallarta. It is cooler and less humid. Places like Mascota, San Sebastian and Morelia can be excellent choices.

Cancer — Feeling hot, hot, hot! Sensuality manifests itself at maximum intensity during July and that’s because Venus is in the house along with Mars, planet of sexual energy and passion, is there, too. WOW! It’s in direct motion, so much more decisive, explicit and erotic. You will have your needs and hopefully fantasies fulfilled. The whole month is pierced by the arrow of desire and that motivates your actions and decisions. Don’t get burned, though.

Leo — A bit difficult to keep any clandestine affairs a secret in Puerto Vallarta this month. The town is a bit quiet since all the snowbirds left. Personal and social contacts may be mysterious and there can be secret love affairs or at least very private love feelings and longings. Shyness can lead to some seclusion or romantic frustration. Attention to subconscious romantic and sexual dreams and desires comes to the forefront. Perhaps it allows you to play out certain fantasies. Go for it but be careful.

Virgo — Widening the vistas of your very existence is what this month makes you do. You will extend warmth and friendship, as well as cooperation. You will have momentum, focus and direction. You reach out to people in a rare show of warmth, bliss and friendship. This may be a great time to check out local charities and see where you can lend a hand. Many are in need of volunteers and Banderas Bay has over 30. Whether it is kids, animals, environment or the elderly. Find one that fits you.

Libra — An extremely favorable time for making investments, earning something extra or getting a windfall/legacy/win at gambling. You are in luck because the summer is a great time to look for a place in Banderas Bay. It will be easy to see condos or homes because many are not rented out this time of year. A rental investment could be in your future, especially with all the new developments springing up all over the bay.

Scorpio — Satisfy your cravings this month. With Mars in direct motion through Scorpio there is a revitalization of physical energy, including the sexual one, and a greater appetite for action and conquest. You are seeking new flings and look to those that you consider “hard to get” and you go for it. But be careful not to embarrass yourself or tread on someone else’s turf. Your love life could be significantly connected to career, status, reputation, cultural or spiritual pursuits.

Sagittarius — You will show your tender side this month, yes, you have one. Amorous interests are among your top priorities but you’re more romantic, reveal a tender disposition and your sex-appeal increases. Your warm, fuzzy side comes through, but don’t think it will last forever. This may be time for a long-distance relationship, so you can only show this side when you see that person.

Capricorn — You will pour your efforts into an involvement with groups and hopefully new friends. You may also take on a leadership role within a group. There are many organizations where you can participate on many levels. You can join an exercise class, a dance class, a meditation group, an art study group or cooking class. This could be a great time to meet new people and experience new things. Take the time to look them up and join in on the fun.

Aquarius — Keep your expectations low and expect the unexpected! You feel the need for action but if you don’t know where you’re headed, you might take a wrong turn. The changes in situations and people can test your endurance and you might feel slightly off the track. Disrupted routines and plans will make you seek and adopt alternative approaches. Avoid making hurried and important decisions for the time being and be aware that there could be surprises ahead.

Pisces — This is an animated period to love and be loved. You are especially fascinated with visual forms of amusement and activities. Creative self-expression of any kind is favored at this time. You may start taking an art or photography class and there are quite a few in Puerto Vallarta. Delve into your artsy side and explore the depth of your talent. A new situation could put you in contact with a new friend or even lover.

Aries — It is going to be steamy in more ways than one. July is a month that favors sexual experiments and the birth of amorous liaisons. You will need intensity and in-depth exploration. Things could get super intense. During this term you need intensity and in-depth exploration. Things will get even more extraordinary. It’s a good term for intense physical activity, too. You better eat right and get enough sleep because it looks like you will be busy.

Laura Gelezunas is an agent at Boardwalk Realty who has lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta full time since 2002 and knows Banderas Bay and its neighborhoods. When you start thinking about making the move to paradise or if you are thinking about selling your investment property, contact her at Laura@BoardwalkRealtyPV.com